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Name’s Dim. Thanks for stopping by.

In a few words, I’m a web publisher. I’ve been building, buying, and flipping online media outlets since 2007.

I’ve been in and out of this business: sometimes full-time, other times as a side hustle. Wherever life takes me, I always seem to find my way back to good old webmastery, as we used to call it.

Occasionally, I do public case studies and give coaching.

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LowFruits Case Study (Ongoing)

In September 2020, I came across a keyword research tool called LowFruits from Carl Broadbent’s email newsletter.

LowFruits analyzes Google’s search results for the seed keywords you give it and looks for low-hanging fruit—threads on forums, Reddit, or Quora and sites with a low Moz DA—your website can easily rank for.

Finding the tool user-friendly and its keyword recommendations spot-on, I quickly became friends with Paul, its creator, and decided to do a case study to build a new informational website exclusively with it.